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Hello and Welcome.   My name is Meghan.  I am an Alaska born artist based in Anchorage. I can honestly say I am fueled and inspired by sunshine and adventure! I create my Jewelry using sustainably harvested Birch Bark collected during my many adventures around the state. My style is constantly evolving and I love exposing myself to new experiences. My background of study is in Biology/Anthropology but my real passion is Art. Having dabbled in art since I was just a minnow, I grew up constantly looking for new forms of self expression.  I studied Silversmithing at Honolulu Academy of Arts. As a full time artist I endeavor to create pieces that showcase the delicate and natural patterns intrinsic to the bark.  When I'm not in my studio, you may find me hiking to a mountain top, waist deep in the Kenai fishing, flying to a remote river in search of bark, enjoying live music, or gathered with friends around a bonfire.

My products are available for purchase here on my website as well as in person  at some of the many Alaska festivals throughout the state. Come say hello!

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